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Genre: Drama (short)
Shooting format: 2K 1/1:66
Duration: 30 min
Filming Locations: Armenia  
Writers: Gnel Hakobyan
Director: David Nerkararyan
DOP: Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan
Cast: Liza Klimova, Michael Poghosyan
Language: Armenian, Russian (English subtitles)
Producers: Ani Vorskanyan, Edgar Karapetyan
Production Co: anEva production
With the support of: National Cinema Centre of Armenia


Sarah is a big fan of the great Russian poet Osip Mandelstam’s poetry. She has a goal to discovering Armenia, as Mandelstam did during his famous trip, so she arrives in Armenia for a three-day trip.
The three days become fatal for the taxi driver Gore, who guide Sarah during her little trip.
Three wonderful days that may outweigh the whole life... and then an unexpected denouement.