Genre: Adventure, Fiction, Tragicomedy
Shooting format: HD
Duration: 90 min
Filming Locations: Armenia /Yerevan/
Writers: Michael Poghosyan, Alexey Zlobin
Director: Alexey Zlobin
DOP: Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan
Cast: Mikayel Poghosyan, Evgeniya Dmitrieva, Iren Ayvazyan, Narine Grigoryan, Shake Tukhmanyan, Forsh
Language: Armenian, Russian
Production Co: Team Production, K&MM Investments
Associate Production Company: anEva production

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An actor by vocation and just a weirdo - Lorik, the namesake of the great Laurence Olivier, walks around the city in theatrical costumes and narrates monologues, causing laughter and amazement. However, Lorik is indifferent to the opinions of others. He does not notice the changes occurring around, even the fact that the theater in which he serves is no use to anyone, and is about to close down. Even the sincere love of his maid Annushka is not able to warm his soul; Lorik lives only through commotions of his characters.
Against the background of the social problems, the serious illness of little Asya seems to be so insignificant. And who might be interested in a little girl, resignedly dying in her semi-basement? Unless Asya’s mother and their neighbor Annushka…
The theater eventually gets closed down, and Lorik starts to experience miracles as a result of shock. He becomes implanted in other people’s bodies, just the way he got used to his favorite roles. Now he finds himself in a body of his drunkard neighbor, and then gets inside a moneybags presidential candidate; now he is embodied in a beautiful young woman, and then he’s in a sick little girl…
But miracles happen not only to Lorik; the actor’s talent heals all those, whose bodies he had been visiting. Art heals not only obdurate souls, but also little Asya’s deadly disease. And through the metamorphoses Lorik himself studies the main thing – love and attention to people. But at what cost…